Plant seeds with this household waste item – ‘don’t throw them away’

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“Don’t throw them away – use them as a planter for your garden,” Robinson said.

He first packs the tube with dirt, pressing the ends so it stays inside. He only fills it halfway at first, then places the seed on top of the dirt.

After adding the seed, he packs in the rest of the dirt, enclosing it in the tube. You can grow the plant on the window sill inside before moving them to the outside soil.

“It’s a nice tall container, and it doesn’t have a bottom so your tap root can go through. And you can plant your sprouts after you’ve got them going,” he said.

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When you transfer the sprout to the ground, you can keep it in the tube. Robinson said it will just decompose in the soil as the plant grows.

To stay organised, you can even write what type of plant it is on the tube.

One commenter said this hack not only works better than store bought plant starters, but saves them money.

Another said: “Works GREAT… paper towel holder as well, just cut in half or in 3s.”