Boots is offering £150 off whitening toothbrush

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Boots shoppers are raving about a high-end whitening toothbrush that’s been dubbed the ‘Rolls Royce of toothbrushes’, with users claiming it cleans ‘as well as the dentist’. Even better, it’s currently featured in Boots’ ‘better than half price’ sale.

The Philips Sonicare Series 7900 Advanced Whitening Toothbrush, usually priced at a hefty £249.99, is now available for just £99.99 – that’s an incredible saving of £150.

On the Boots website, this toothbrush is said to ‘improve oral health’ and promises to ‘whiten teeth in just one week’, removing up to seven times more plaque than a manual brush. The rechargeable electrical item has garnered over 180 five-star reviews at

This sonic electric toothbrush comes with an app, a built-in pressure sensor, smart brush head recognition, four modes, and three intensities.

The rechargeable tool has garnered over 180 five-star reviews, reports Birmingham Live. One thrilled customer said: “Cleans just as well as the dentist! My teeth felt and looked so much better even after first use.”

Another impressed user commented: “The Rolls Royce of toothbrushes. Love it, not going back to my electric toothbrush now. My teeth feel really clean. Great value, as I purchased in the sale. I like the travel case, it’s neat and fits a spare brush head. And the battery life is good.”

Another added: “My teeth have never felt so clean since I’ve been using this toothbrush. One of the best buys that I have ever made. Thoroughly recommended.”

However, not all feedback was glowing, with one shopper expressing disappointment with the product’s battery life: “The battery in the toothbrush will not charge after six weeks. Back to Boots for a replacement.”

A second felt the previous model performed better, adding: “It doesn’t seem to brush as well as my last one with quite a sensitive pressure setting. Also it is much louder than my old one.”

Boots mentions the BrushSync feature of the toothbrush automatically selects the best mode for you and guides you between dentist check-ups. The built-in sensors can “adjust your pressure” and the app’s Progress Report helps you stick to your brushing routine.

Snap up this bargain on the Boots website here. The same deal is also up for grabs at Amazon, where the Philips Sonicare Whitening Toothbrush is down from £249.99 to just £99.99 that’s a whopping 60 percent off.

Meanwhile, Amazon is selling Suri, a sustainable sonic toothbrush with a self-cleaning UV case, for £95. The case kills 99.9% of bacteria on your toothbrush head in one minute, whilst also charging your brush when plugged in.

LookFantastic has dropped a huge discount on the Silk’n SonicYou toothbrush and you can bag it for £25.80 instead of £129. Powered by sonic vibration technology, the toothbrush provides a deep cleanse to help remove plaque, stains and impurities and once it’s fully charged, the battery lasts for 300 days.