Larry Kudlow reacts to Trump posting his $175 million bond

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Former President Donald Trump posted his $175 million bond and Letitia James is not going to take all of his cash, or his assets, or his businesses. 

Mr. Trump has actually had two big wins in the New York courts. For one, the appeals judges knocked down the bond from $454 million to $175 million, and secondly, Mr. Trump then successfully posted the bond, clearing the way for an appeal and — make it three wins: because of the successful Trump media stock offering, which I still believe shows great support for the former president throughout the country, as it was retail investors, not the big boys on Wall Street, that bought his stock offering, but step back for a moment. Look at the big picture. 

Just a reminder, Mr. Trump is putting together a new coalition based on typical working folks and their families who want a pay raise, not a pay cut; who want to close the border, not open it up to a wave of Biden illegal crime; who want a return to law and order and the support of the police; who appreciate Mr. Trump’s first-term tax cuts and deregulation that, contrary to Biden’s constant untruths, by far, benefited middle- and lower-income workers the most. 


These folks work hard and play by the rules. They reject the woke culture war. They are tired of Washington bureaucrats telling them how to live, what cars they should drive, what stove they should cook on, what kind of shower heads, air conditioners, toilets and light bulbs they should use, and so far and so on. 

They favor “drill, baby, drill” because they know turning the fossil fuel spigots back on will reduce prices and increase their take-home pay. 

Over half the voters say they are worse off compared to 2020 and that includes young people, as well as minority voters, and they are sick and tired of Biden weaknesses and America’s declining world standing, and you can bet Mr. Trump will put an end to the unfair trading practices by China and others as he defends his “America First” economy. 

Just today in Michigan, Mr. Trump talked about garnering support from suburban women who want to see a law-and-order response to Biden’s crime wave. The crime wave that Democrats ignore — while forcing Trump to pay hundreds of millions — take a listen to what he said: 


DONALD TRUMP: I’m the only one that has to put up a bond. You know, I put up a bond. I didn’t do anything wrong. I had to put up a bond this morning for $175 million. I did nothing wrong. They can shoot somebody, kill somebody and walk out of jail an hour later. How about that? Do you think that’s a fair policy? That’s called “radical left.”

Just yesterday, Mr. Trump gave his top Day One priorities to the New York Post’s famed columnist Cindy Adams. He said: “close that border” and “get the prices down.” There he goes again. Steady as a rock. Trump-tough. Building a winning coalition. 

This article is adapted from Larry Kudlow’s opening commentary on the April 2, 2024, edition of “Kudlow.”