Kylie Minogue on how she stays looking so young – star’s fitness and diet

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Kylie Minogue is known for being a singer and actress and first appeared on our screens back in 1986 on Neighbours.

But how does the Australian star keep looking so young at 56? We can’t quite believe her age either!

However, Minogue has shared her simple skin secrets, beauty rules and exercise regime that have kept her looking far younger than her years.

During a TV interview on ITV’s Lorraine back in 2018, the star joked that she needed a lot of help to look that good.

She said: “It takes a team [to look like this], I can tell you. I don’t roll out of bed like this!”

Minogue explained the three beauty rules that she follows, saying: “This is going to sound like a boring infomercial…

“Tips would be sunblock, cleanse with a cloth, like a muslin [cloth]… I always take my makeup off; I’ve been wearing makeup for work for a long, long time.

“A good dermatologist, if you’ve got time to go, and have some treatments.”

Meanwhile, she added that she is a big believer in celebrating birthdays at every age.

The singer said that’s what her fourteenth studio album and 2018 release Golden was about.

“There’s a line in the song Golden – ‘We’re not young, we’re not old, we’re golden’ – it was the only line I wanted to put somewhere in a song on the album, meaning you can’t make yourself younger, you can’t make yourself older, you are only you, who you are in that moment.

“It could be a great moment in your life; it could be a really crappy moment in your life.

“That’s just where you are. Try to shine whatever time it is whether it’s a dark time or a bright time.”

However, when it comes to exercise and working out, Minogue isn’t a fan.

The star previously admitted that she “hardly ever works out” but is “always on the go”.

And we can see why Minogue is constantly on the go in the past 12 months, the singer was named Global Icon at the Brit Awards and completed a six-month Las Vegas residency.

Meanwhile, she is set to headline the British Summertime Festival in London’s Hyde Park in July as well as the Sziget Festival in Budapest this August.

Speaking in an unearthed interview with the Express, she revealed: “I don’t really work out, but I’m constantly on the go”.

Despite, going to a Pilates session now and then, her attitude to working out has changed.

She recalled: “I loved aerobics and I used to do callanetics.

“I would travel everywhere with this home workout on a VHS tape and put it on in hotel rooms.”

Despite the singer not being on a strict diet she instead goes for more healthier choices when it comes to eating.

Minogue began a low-glycemic index (low-GI) diet several years ago. This is where the foods you eat can affect blood sugar levels and includes items such as nuts, seeds, wholegrains, lentils and beans. These foods release energy more slowly so you’ll feel fuller for longer.