Common dog food storage mistake could be causing your pet to fall ill, expert warns

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Improper storage of dog food can cause your pet to be seriously ill.

Rachel Fusaro, a recognized expert in canine care, shared valuable tips on her TikTok, emphasizing the importance of correctly storing your pet’s food.

In one video, she highlights the significance of container size, advising viewers to opt for a size that allows them to consume the entire contents within 30 days.

She said: “Bag size matters. Only get a size big enough that you can feed the entire bag within 30 days or less.

“This is to avoid fat rancidity, mould – remember oxidation happens once the bag is open.”

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Another said: “Umm I work at an animal hospital and we put our food in a container.”

A third person gave a good reason for always getting rid of their dog food bags, saying: “I used to not dump my bag and then found maggots in a bag and now I always dump my bag.”

Further advice on using containers was offered by one viewer, who noted: “Don’t forget the potential storage mites when using plastic containers! they can cause allergy flare ups!”

While one person appeared dismayed after seeing the video and stated: “I really just can’t do anything right as a dog owner.”