Brian May posts tour health update and love of ‘creating moments for Freddie’ | Music | Entertainment

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Queen and Adam Lambert have now arrived in Sapporo for their third show on the Japanese tour tomorrow night.

Sir Brian May has been posting highlights from the trip on his Instagram including his daily fitness regime.

The sprightly rocker who turns 77 this year shared a video of himself on an exercise bike from inside his hotel room.

The guitar legend captioned the post: “My private gym ! Not so glamorous but – job done ! 8 peaks this time – day off – show time tomorrow in Sapporo.

“Sporting my Polar heart rate monitor strapped around me – which connects to the app on my phone to give me a trace of my BPM during such escapades. Fitness Rocks ! Bri.”

Sir Brian also shared a picture of the Queen and Adam Lambert logo with the band’s mascot Frank the Robot carved into ice.

He commented: “Thanks Sapporo ! We’re proud to be a part of your Ice Sculpture Festival ! Bri.”

The rock star also posted a guitar solo from the last show earlier this week, with a mention of the late great Freddie Mercury.

Sir Brian wrote: “This is a moment I enjoyed – close to the opening of the Osaka show. For a long time now I’ve enjoyed creating ‘moments’ … formerly for Freddie, but now often for myself – also for Rog and Adam of course – in fact, just building the dramatic shape of the show. It’s fun being out there in the dark, waiting for that instant to arrive, and hitting it hard. We can be heroes – just for one day. Bri X.”

After tomorrow night’s show in Sapporo, Queen and Adam Lambert have two closing concerts in Tokyo on February 13 and 14.