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Britain’s biggest pub chains and brewers have issued for a call for cut in beer duty in a plea to the major party leaders ahead of the general election.

The nation is predicted to down almost an extra 20 million pints during Euro 2024, but they will be paying far more duty than other nations.

The figure in the UK is some 12 times higher than in Germany and Spain with a figure of 54.2p in duty per pint versus 4.6p.

The net effect is that regardless of how England and Scotland perform, the Treasury will be a certain winner in terms of the tax collected from fans.

Eighty business leaders along with the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) have written to party leaders asking for a fair deal for drinkers.

The letter said: « Our sector is among the highest taxed sectors in the economy. For every three pounds spent in a pub, one pound goes straight to the tax man.

« The upcoming Euro 2024 Championships brings into sharp focus the extent to which beer remains over-taxed. British beer drinkers cheering on England and Scotland pay 54p duty per pint compared to German or Spanish fans paying less than 5p.

« Combined with high costs such as energy, publicans currently only make an average 12p profit on the average £4.80 pint in the UK. « 

It adds: « Whilst there has been recognition and acknowledgement from successive governments on the important role that pubs and brewers play in our society, a step change is required to secure its future and to promote and celebrate such an intrinsic part of British life that brings combined economic, social, and cultural value to almost every community around the country. « 

The BBPA predicts that total sales across the four weeks of Euro 2024 are expected to hit £1.43 billion, which would be some £93.8 million more than normal for this period.

Emma McClarkin, Chief Executive of the BBPA, said: « Football fans know that the best place to watch live sport, if you can’t be in the stadium itself, is down the pub.

« Whether you are supporting England or Scotland or cheering on another team, there can be no better place to watch the Euros and sharing a few refreshing beers than with friends than in your local.

« It is a stark fact that UK pub goers will be paying the highest beer duty than any of the other competing nations in the Euros, including twelve times more then German and Spanish rates.

« However, with a predicted extra 20 million pints set to be poured during the tournament, worth an extra £93 million in sales, I encourage anyone wanting to watch the football to go to the pub and support their local.”